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strip blank blank n 2006 I was struck by a thunderbolt. I had taken a cycling tour thru Tuscany, the heart of wine country, when I discovered a deep passion for wines. Up until that time I had dabbled but the great Brunellos and Chiantis from the region opened a new door that I knew I wanted to walk thru, so I did and never looked back. Since then I've taken Italian language classes, written about every wine I've tasted in a journal, and ultimately started a wineblog ( where I talk about everything I love about wines.

I realized I needed to create a wine website with more interactivity, and make it easy to pick a wine, find a wine shop, wine bar or restaurant.

So here it is! Vigna Uva Vino (Vine Grape Wine)... NOW, you can find: interviews with wine personalities, info on developing wine sense, reading labels, and great buys as well as handy tips like: which wine glass to use... how to find a great bottle of wine for under $20, or even under $10. And especially comprehensive is my extensive list of tasting notes on many wines (see "tastings" above).

So Welcome, and I hope this information will help make you a smarter wine drinker.

Dave Trieger