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strip blank Chilean Wines

Montes, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007, Classic Series, Chile
From the Colchagua Valley in Chile comes this playful Cabernet Sauvignon... it's a deep colorful wine, (literally and figuratively) and I found myself enjoying it more as it breathed.

The color is a dark ruby, and fruity aromas prevail with a wisp of smoked bacon, probably from the American oak, caramel, and a hint of tree bark. Flavors of chocolate mint, spices and red berries dance on the palate. The firm tannins mean you can lay down a few bottles for a couple of years, or you can just drink it now. The alcohol content is 14.5% but doesn't overpower the great flavor profile. This is a bargain at around $12 per bottle.

Another sign that Chile is on the right track.

Montes Classic Series Chardonnay 2007, Chile
Here is Montes Classic Series Chardonnay in a 2007 vintage, from Curico Valley in Chile. Fermented in 75% American Oak and 25% stainless steel with colors of pale golden green, and scents of buttery pineapple and tropical fruits. On the palate is a fresh fruitiness (some lychee and ginger) mixed with vanilla ice cream.

While I watch Game 1 of the World Series I'm pairing this Chard with grilled breast of chicken, artichoke hearts and couscous with pesto sauce. Damn good... and $12 a bottle.

Montgras Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, Colchagua Valley Chile
This Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile has a color that reminds me of ink, it's a rich dark ruby with jammy fruits, spices, berries and toast. On the palate are black cherry, and plum skins with a finish like a low "C" note on a good piano, long and deep. Aged 8 months in oak barrels, this is a really enjoyable Cabernet that can be paired well with roasted meats, in the $11-14 range.

Primus Casablanca Valley 2005 Chile
Made from a blend of 51% Merlot, 32% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 17% Carmenere, this wine is a robust, powerful (14.5% alcohol) red from Chile. The color is a deep garnet with the opacity of ink, full body, and on the nose there are red fruits and a barnyard funk. On the palate is bitter cherry, with bold tannins and a licorice and tobacco finish that is long and intense. The Carmenere is the legendary lost grape once used in Bordeaux production in the early 19th century and is now on the verge of an international reemergence. It is used mostly as a blending grape but can occasionally be found as a single varietal (see Santa Carolina).

Santa Carolina Reserva Carmenere 2006 Chile
This Carmenere from Chile is aged for 8 months in small oak barrels, is a deep purple red, has mild floral aromas and complex fruit flavors including cherry, with spice and vanilla. This is an interesting pick... the flavor profile is unique (it's my first 100% Carmenere)... I haven't seen many around. Found this at The Wine Room of Forest Hills in the $10 range. blank